The KKK Against Blacks After The Civil War

In 1865 the civil war ended causing slave owners and other southern whites to gain a strong hate for blacks. The civil war fought to abolish slavery in southern states. In 1866 a group of white southerners formed a group called the Ku Klux Klan, also known as the KKK or the Klan. The KKK wore white outfits with holes in the eye’s area. This group caused African Americans to feel threatened at times. The KKK wanted to get back at the black community by burning their churches and church crosses, they would throw bricks at their houses. They would torture them at meetings, they even murdered and raped African Americans just because of the color of their skin. Blacks tried to fight back using non-violent methods. Whites who had any contact with blacks for any reason would be treated as if they, themselves were black. The KKK would ride on horses and yell racist comments and start riots. The KKK believed that blacks needed to know that no matter, what they will always be less than whites in every way. The Klans also lack human decency. The Klan found it hard to believe that blacks and whites were almost equal under law. The KKK not only harmed blacks but Jews, Romans, Catholics and other groups as well.
After a while of being tortured many organizations and individuals decided to step up and stop the Klan’s actions. This was not going to be easy. Major groups and individuals such as Dr. King, the Black Panther, and the NAACP to try and stop the Klan’s actions in many different ways. Dr. King felt that non-violence was the key to stop the KKK. He also believed that if black showed the KKK love that they would one day leave them alone. The Civil Rights Movement is what King believed would make them entirely free from the Klan. The NAACP( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) tried to ask government officials to make new laws to help combat the KKK and their violent attacks against the black community, they received very little if any at all. Unlike the NAACP and Dr. King the Black Panthers believed in fighting for their rights no matter what it takes. The Panthers would kill or injure the KKK when they were put in a threatening position. They wanted to send the KKK and the police a message letting the KKK know that they would no longer take any harassment from them any longer. In the 1940's the KKK membership decrease because the Blacks were getting stronger. There are still Klan members around today but they don’t do what they did back then because in today’s society they can be severely punished under the law.


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