South Africa

South Africans


During WWII the white people in British owned South Africa sympathized with Nazi Germany and imposed a series of segregation laws that was known collectively as apartheid. The diamonds of South Africa were the main objective of the National Party (the Nazi Sympathizers) which was the party in power until 1994 when numerous strikes, marches and protests (mostly violent) forced the National Party to start stepping down. In the same year the first completely open elections were held and the African National Congress (one of the main apartheid protest groups) won with a large majority and has been in power ever since.
Apartheid was an issue that was disputed all over the world. The National Party felt that people needed to be legally classified into racial groups in order to prevent non-white citizens from voting, and having a say in the direction the country was going. The main idea was for the white folk to reap all the profit from the diamond trade and other profitable venues.



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