The persecution of nerds has been among the high schools for a long time. It’s the popular kids torturing the smart kids. The nerds are picked on because of the way that they dress and how smart they are. Popular kids will make fun of the nerds just because they don't want to 'follow the crowd’. Being in the unpopular status they are abused by those who are trying to climb the social ladder and those who are in the popular status.

Kids pick on nerds because they think its amusing and something to do between classes, or they might just persecute the nerds to make themselves feel better because they can. Bullying is a common way to persecute the nerds. The nerds aren’t as big and strong as the jocks, or some of the other kids who pick on them, so they are an easyier target to strong weak-minded people.

High School is only 4 years, and in those years the nerds are persecuted until the day that they graduate. All that bullying might have finally snapped in them because many nerds think about committing suicide or even worse.

Some nerds go to the extreme and kill people. In Columbine High School two kids went into the library and killed twelve of their peers. The two boys couldn’t stand being harassed any more and went into school and started shooting. Though even after all the shooting a mere four months later the popular kids were right back to bullying the nerds, which began the whole shooting in the first place.

The persecution of nerds can’t be taken lightly because one day those nerds are going to rule the world. Just look at Bill Gates for example, he was a nerdy looking teen who grew up to be the co-creator of Microsoft and turned into a billionaire.

By Pamela

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