Louis Mentally Disabled Man

Since the beginning of the 20th century, mentally disabled individuals have suffered from persecution. They have been harassed, beaten, and tortured for reasons they could not control. Begining in 1907, the U.S did forced sterilization on over 30,000 individuals in mental institutions. Sterilization was taken even further during the Nazi regime in WWII. During WWII, Hitler issued the sterilization law to weed out the so-called genetic defects from the German gene-pool. They also issued the Euthanasia program which was designed to kill infants with mental retardation. Although the mentally disabled are no longer killed, at least by the government, they are continuously victimized and taken advantage of because of their situation


Seattle 2006
After being placed in a program designed for potential dangerous individuals, louis was molested by his caregiver in the garage. The state had put louis in the program to protect him from sex offenders, but mostly to keep the community safe from him if he had become an offender because of his abuse. Most of the clients in the program were sex offenders, physically violent, or arsonists. Even though he was not any of these things, Louis had to take part in this so-called voluntary program or the state would not provide him with funds he needed to live on his own. Clients in the program have to pay for their own rent and living expenses even though they are forced to live there. They can not use the phone without being watched and are subjected to random room searches. The so-called caregivers have slapped, punched, and dragged their mentally disabled housemates. Some have shown porno movies and even foisted drugs on their housemates. This is just one case of how mentally disabled people are taken advantage of. By not being able to vote in 44 out of 50 states, mentally disabled people are not represented in government by someone with their interest in mind.


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