Jewish People

Persecution agianst Jewish People

Throughout history Jewish people have been discriminated against and hated. There are examples of this that go back as far as the “B.C.” times back to when they were enslaved by the Egyptians and forced to work on their pyramids. It can still be seen today in the popular “All Jews are going to hell,” outlook on their religion because they don’t believe Jesus was really the Son of God.
Another example of discrimination against Jews is Nazi Germany and The Holocaust. During World War Two the German Nazi armies, led by Adolph Hitler, committed the crime of Genocide against the Jewish people. They were gathered together in large work camps known as concentration camps, where they were forced to work in unsanitary and cruel conditions where they were subjected to what was basically torture. If they couldn’t or refused to work, they were thrown into gas chambers and furnaces to be killed.
Burning%20Cells (Furnaces used to burn jews) Aus-02-Krem-I-Gas-1.jpg (Gas Chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp)


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