Oppresion of the Gypsies
250px-Roma_people_1837.jpgThe persecution of the Romas or Gypsy people,as the were commonly called, took place around the time of WWII. Proceeding the nazi takeover of power in Germany in the year 1933. Persecution however started for the Roma people around 1900 and strengthened in the year 1926 until the genocide occurred.They were thought of as a class of undesirable people, based on their physical characteristics and their cultural lifestyles. These mostly nomadic people, those that wander from place to place, were said to be habitual criminals and asocial,withdrawn from the society. They were looked down upon by the other members of society.The persecution of the Gypsies wasn't as much a racial issue like it was for the Jewish people but a social issue. Those that either lived the life of a nomad or had any criminal charges, run-ins with the police were persecuted and killed.gyarrested.gif

Some Roma people were even sterilized because it was believed that criminal activity was a gene inherited by the parents. Not only that but the Roma people were intermarrying with those outside their race and so had to be stopped from having children because of that. The Nazi's didn't want the Gypsy "bad blood" intertwined with those of the German people. Also they didn't want anymore criminals to be born from the Gypsies.



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