Christians In Africa

**In the mid-1992’s, the Sudan Human Rights Organization, reported on forcible closure of churches, expulsion of priests, forced displacement of populations, forced Islamisation and Arabisation, and other repressive measures of the Government. In 1994 it also reported on widespread torture of pastors. This adds to the great amount of evidence since the 1900’s that supports the idea of oppression and persecution of Christians. It also has shown that an estimated over 1.5 million Christians have been killed by the Sudanese army. It should also be taken into account that Sudan's several “civil wars” are often not only or purely religious in nature, but ethnic, as many black Muslims and Muslim Arab tribesmen have also been killed in the conflicts. A state of civil war has existed between the Muslims and non-Muslims for 14 years. Factions (A literary work or film that is a mix of fact and fiction) within the government have been making many attempts at “Islamicizing” the country more and more. Persecution is the act of practice of persecuting on a basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs that differ from those of the persecutor.

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Sudan has over 500 ethnic groups speaking more than 130 distinct languages. In Sudan 65% of the country’s people are Sunni Muslims, 9.9% belong to tribal religions and 25% are Christians. The Muslim population is concentrated in the north, while the Christians and Animists live in the south or in the Nuba mountain range in central Sudan. Popular Defense Force (PDF)- is a government-sponsored group that is larger and better equipped than the standing army. It is reported that the governments give weapons to various Muslim tribes to increase their effectiveness in conducting slave and cattle raids against non-Muslim peoples in the South. Some actions that the Arab militias (Mujahadeen, which means holy warriors) and government perform are, closing churches, destroying them or not allowing them, open preaching is prohibited and punishable by beating or a jail sentence, christians are under constant pressure to convert to Islam, and they are commonly discriminated against in the workplace and rarely receive promotions. Also, Bible teachers are considered to be the leaders of these public disturbances and are often arrested.**

Modern percesutions are still occuring today. To see some of these cases go to


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