Christians By Muslims

In many countries in Africa, Christians are being persecuted by Muslims. The Muslims have a growing fear that a new religion will take over. Muslims are currently the majority in Africa, but with a growing Christian population this may change relatively quickly. This is the only problem the Christians have brought to Africa. They have not done anything to purposely threaten or harm the Muslim majority, nor do they intend to do so. Because of this, I see no validation of the persecution of Christians. These Christians are only trying to live the way they believe to be the right way. The result of this persecution is only causing chaos in African countries. Tensions are high, and little has been done to stop this persecution. Christians are being killed and churches are being burned. The extremist militant Muslim groups seem to be unstoppable.

In Nigeria, unlike many other African countries, Christians are currently the majority when it comes to religion (50% of the population compared to Muslims 40%). Constitutionally, Nigeria is a state with freedom of religion, but today it seems as though these morals are no where to be found. Hundreds of Christians have been killed and over a dozen churches burned. Small Muslim groups are advocating strict application of sharia and a more forcible Islamization on all Nigerian society, regardless of previous religious affiliation. Sharia is the code of law based on the Koran. Islamization is converting people to Islam. Since 1999, twelve northern Nigerian states have extended or announced plans to expand the application of sharia in the state's criminal law, which includes amputation, flogging (whipping), and death by stoning. Christians have been denied official applications to build or repair religious institutions, access to education and state-run media, representation in government bodies, and government employment. In the North, public religious activities have been banned.

Other countires with Christian Persecution


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