American Capitalists

Capitalism is an economic system where there is free trade. Economics are not controlled by the government, which allows for competition between companies.

Terrorists don't like it when people flaunt their money, spending it on luxury and such when it could be going to the needy or when it could be going towards aiding global problems. Global problems such as hunger, AIDS and warming. So, in an attempt to quell said flaunting, terrorists attempt to evoke fear in the Capitalists by potentially cutting off their monetary supplies

The attacks on 9/11 targeted the World Trade Center in New York City. The towers that fell were full of business men and a great deal of financial records. In order to quell the flow of Capitalist money, the Terrorists found it necessary to take these towers down. They did remove the towers but the money keeps flowing and the terrorists are still angry with this money.
- Casey

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